Welcome to our new blog site!

With the attempted theft of the Minnesota senate election by another guy named Al we are hearing a loud call from certain quarters fro Instant Runoff Voting.  This is such a hot topic that we have decided to put up this blog site so people can keep up to date on the discussion.

Please feel free to make comments.  We do reserve the right to delete comments we find offensive, and ban commentators who abuse this forum.  We will NOT do this for simple disagreement reasons.

We hope this becomes an enjoyable and enlightening experience for all of us who believe in people-run government rather than government-run people.

Have a great day!


2 Responses to Welcome to our new blog site!

  1. Marv says:

    Hello. Just visiting.

  2. Pat McGurran says:

    The MN Voters Alliance to me has been a refreshing stream of sanity in a world that sometimes appears that it is going to engulf itself. I appreciate all that you guys are doing and to have this new blog site is great.
    I would think that this could be a productve forum for minnesotans that are tired of the political scene of late.

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