Who’s Stealing Elections?

counting21I’m sitting here at work and I can’t help but overhear my slightly left-leaning co-workers talking about the Coleman-Franken race. One of them actually said “I don’t know who’s trying to steal the election from whom, but….” This was a professional level employee with a college degree.
If anyone doesn’t know that it is Al Franken who is trying to steal this election, they are either so partisan they can’t look at it objectively or they are of diminished intellectual capacity.  One would think that having a college degree would preclude the latter possibility, but then again, maybe not. Maybe a college degree is not a valid measure of intelligence.
Santino Corleone, in the Godfather once asked his brother Mike, “What? D’ya go to college to get stupid?”
In 4127 precincts, in ALL elections up and down the ballot, the total state-wide correction after the initial called-in vote, after the polls closed (which is standard procedure) was 482 votes. In 3 precincts there were 504 corrections, in ONE election and ALL the corrections favored ONE candidate – Al Franken? And people think it might be Coleman who is stealing the election?
Anyone with half a brain should be able to tell that something fishy is going on here. It must be astronomically improbable that in a state that otherwise had 482 total corrections, there could be 504 corrections in just 3 of 4130 precincts, and ALL of them for one particular candidate! Obviously in a DFL state and in DFL strongholds you would expect the majority of the corrections to favor the DFL candidate, but ALL of them?
Anyone who thinks this is on the up and up, please give me your contact info – I have a land deal you won’t want to miss!
So what does this have to do with the Minnesota Voters Alliance? Tons. We are for maintaining the integrity of elections, the transparency of the process and for the power of government to reside in the hands of the people – not a small group of partisans with exclusive access to ballot boxes.
This is why we’re for Photo I.D., and why were against Instant Runoff Voting. Please visit mnvoters.org for detailed information on all our issues.
Bottom line – it’s our government, folks, and a few ruling class elitists are trying to take it away from us.
Posted by Matt Marchetti
P.S. If you would like to help us protect out election systems, please visit: http://mnvoters.org/Donate.htm 

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