Questions for the zealots


The left-leaning zealots who are pushing Instant Runoff Voting love to say things like:  


“Shouldn’t we have majorities deciding who our leaders are?”  


There are several responses to this question.  Some of them could be… 


“Should five or six editors get to decide what news should be disseminated to the public?”




 “Should a handful of judges be allowed to overturn a constitutional amendment they disagree with?” 




“Should a small group of bureaucrats at the Met Council get to dictate to cities and towns?” 


If these self-appointed defenders of democracy care so much about majority rule, there are far better areas they could expend their energies than in trying to artificially manufacture a 50%+ 1 majority in three-way elections… 


– By Matt Marchetti


One Response to Questions for the zealots

  1. Jim Spencer says:

    great points Matt,

    the 5 or 6 left wing editors deciding what the news should be, such as is the case with the Star Tribune and Pioneer PRess is really frightenting. the good news is that their subcriptions continue to fall, although not as fast as Air America.

    The Star and Tribune doesn’t care about fairness, they have the faulty reasoning that somehow by pushing socialism that it will benefit them, well, it will come back to haunt them too.

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