fuseThe Star-Tribune article entitled ‘How to have minor parties that are more than spoilers’, advocates combining party fusion (where candidates can be endorsed by more than one party) and IRV (where voters rank choices instead of picking one favorite candidate).

One hundred years ago, republicans objected to fusion because they saw it as giving an unfair advantage to their opponents. But I see no problem with parties endorsing anyone they want. The DFL is a fusion party. Farmer-Labor used to be a separate party – unless I’m mistaken… The Republicans could benefit by working with the Libertarians, the Populists and the Constitutionals, etc…

The Independence Party endorsed Tinklenberg – so they were foolish to run their own candidate. If the IP agrees with the DFL, they can join them. Then it could be the Democrat – Farmer- Labor – Independence Party – DFLIP!

Fusion and IRV are two very different ideas. One seeks to allow more interaction between parties with similar views, whereas the other is a voting method that makes it difficult for voters to “cast an effective vote,” as the Brown v. Smallwood case determined.

It should be obvious to informed people that the Big-Government Liberal elite want to combine party fusion with IRV in order to guarantee that the top two or three ranked candidates will be one of their endorsees – One Party rule here we come!

This is simply more proof that IRV is an attempt to solidify power for the Left-leaning big-government political establishment…regardless of and in spite of the will of the people. And so-called “fusion” will simply add more Con-Fusion – which can only help the power-grabbers.

– by Matt Marchetti


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