Universal Totalitarianism

  registAccording to an article entitled ‘Momentum Builds for Universal Registration’, “Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton and Election Assistance Commission Chair Rosemary Rodriguez, have advocated for establishing a voter registration system where the government, not each individual citizen, is responsible for ensuring full and accurate voter rolls. The voting rights community has put universal voter registration at the top of its legislative agenda…”

The “Voting Rights Community”?  There’s a “community” of people who are FOR voting rights and anyone not part of it is AGAINST voting rights?  Demagoguery much? 

Notice how they want “The Government” to “ensure full and accurate voter rolls”? And just how are they going to do that without some omnipotent govermental bureaucracy overseeing it all?

Of course we can’t expect citizens to do their duty and take the responsibility to register to vote or to verify their identity at the polls.  Democracy is too hard, I guess… 

One question for the Totalitarians who are pushing this nonsense:  If voters can’t be trusted to get themselves registered,  how can we trust their choices on Election Day?  

And another thing; they suggest this “universal registration” begin at age sixteen.   Why 16?  Why not 12?  Or 5?  Or registration at birth? 

In fact, why not just dispense with the vote and have a government agency determine who election winners should be?  I suspect that is exactly what they want. 

– By Matt Marchetti


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