Court Folly

January 14, 2009

judge1The Hennepin County District Court has decided in favor of FairVote and all their baseless arguments, and has allowed to stand a vote ranking system that violates voter rights and will further distance the voters from the electoral process.

We believe this misguided ruling will not hold up.   The Court disregarded the precedent of Brown v. Smallwood and practically ignored our arguments while accepting their’s at face value, with apparently little to no scrutiny or analysis. 

As we anticipated, we are now forced to appeal the ruling. 

It could very well be that the judge is a FairVote supporter, or that he merely believes that this issue belongs in a higher court.  Either way, the ruling contains several factual errors, including the unsupportable claim that IRV creates majority winners, which it certainly does not.

FairVote has said they expect to win at the State level, but will appeal at the Federal level.  If justice had prevailed, they’d be the ones appealing to the State Court.

Sadly, we live in an era when the courts seem to think they can make law, and rewrite the constitution by edict; and when public knowledge of civics is at an all time low.



January 7, 2009


Remember when Algore tried to steal the 2000 election by counting spoiled ballots and interpreting “hanging chads” as votes for Gore? 

Remember how they howled and whined when the Supreme Court stopped the theft in progress?  And How they called Bush “selected, not elected”?

Well, they won’t have to worry about that with FrankenFraud because, thanks to ACORN hack and Democrat party activist Secretary of State Mark “FairVote” Ritchie, the vote has been essentially stolen for Al. 

The above picture demonstrates the way this travesty was perpetrated. 

It is statistically impossible and is proof of fraud for Al Franken to have, in an essentially 50-50 race, gotten 70 or more percent of the added ballots included in the recount.

Of course the power-hungry Demo-gogues are having an orgasm…but it may be premature if Coleman’s lawsuit succeeds as it should.  But, if the courts uphold this abuse of justice and of the electoral system, our representative form of government is doomed.,2933,470892,00.html