Primary v. General

counting21One of the suspect claims FairVote uses to promote their IRV scheme is the idea that IRV eliminates the need for a primary, and thus it will make elections cheaper and easier to administer.

We have always contradicted this claim on the basis that primaries are a vital part of our election process and that IRV wouldn’t save a dime, which was verified by Ramsey County elections manager Joe Mansky.

But there is one more inconvenient fact that belies FairVotes claim:  IRV is being proposed as a method to use in primaries!

Google Alert: “Filing for municipal offices begins July 6 – Hendersonville,NC,USA

Hendersonville will use Instant Runoff Voting if a primary is necessary.”

Our own state senator John Marty is proposing a bill to use IRV statewide for both the primaries and the general elections.

The contradictions keep on coming.


One Response to Primary v. General

  1. Ken Salerno says:

    You IDIOTS. This story simply means that if more than two candidates file for each office or for each party — normally making a primary necessary — IRV will be used INSTEAD. Your ignorance seems to know no bounds.

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