People are asking me for my take on the fiasco that put Franken in the senate.  Here’s my answer:


This is not an exceptional example, it’s typical.  ’nuff said…

For more details, see the WSJ editorial: The Absentee Senator: Franken wins by changing the rules



  1. Michael Arth says:

    Your site, Minnesota Voters Alliance, completely misrepresents IRV/RCV. Read the basic literature–or any encyclopedia article on the subject. It helps third parties; prevents spoilers; it is more democratic, and the vast majority of democratic countries use it for those reasons. Only 22.5% of the world’s 191 UN members use plurality voting.

    Plurality voting preserves the two-party duopoly, which makes me think (judging by the post about Franken) that you are a propaganda arm of the Republican Party. FYI, the RNC actually uses IRV for electing their own chair (Michael Steele) because they realize that it is more fair, but they won’t promote it outside the party because it will weaken the two party system.

    You are doing a great disservice by spreading opinion and claiming it as fact. You should have followed the advice of Daniel Moynihan, who you quote as saying everyone is entitled to their own opinion but not their own facts.

  2. It is FairVote who is spreading opinion and claiming it as fact. We prove our points.

    How can IRV help third parties while simultaneously eliminating their effect? It is a self-contradictory claim of the pro IRV people.

    There is nothing wrong with plurality voting. But even if there is, we have proven that IRV does not guarantee a majority winner.

    As we state repeatedly, even if IRV did perform the miracles its proponents claim, it would still be an undemocratic form of voting because voters can’t know whether they are helping or hurting their favorite candidate by raising that candidate in rank – which both the District and Supreme Courts were compelled to admit.

    We are more interested in how a voting system affects each individual voter than what outcomes a system can create. If voters can’t know what the effect of their vote will be – i.e. that a vote FOR a candidate will help that candidate – they have been effectively disenfranchised.

    Finally, if we are a propaganda arm of the Republican Party (a charge which pretty much discredits your comments, since it is blatantly false), doesn’t that make FairVote and their friends in the Press a propaganda arm of the Democrat Party? Frankly, that is absurd.

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