On Thune’s Rant

April 26, 2010

In response to the effort to institute Photo I.D. at the polls to prevent voter fraud, Council Member David Thune exploded in a tirade, filled with invective, insult and a complete lack of logic.

Regarding Photo ID he said, “Darn right its racist. In the absence of one tiny bit of evidence that voter fraud is a problem there can be no other reason for insisting on photo IDing citizens attempting to vote.”

Really? No evidence that voterfraud is a problem? There are 17,000 un-accounted-for ballots from the 2008 election in which the U.S. Senate race was decided by only a few hundred votes.

He also said: “And yep – I place this squarely on republicans and teabaggers.”

It’s “TEA Partiers,” Sir.  And they are republicans, democrats, independents, Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, Asians etc. who believe they are Taxed Enough Already.

The term “Teabaggers” is a dirty, sexual reference to some degrading practice that only people of Leftward persuasious seem to know about, so keep your disgusting insults to yourself.

“Lets not play games…” (You mean you were not playing games, like “race-card” or “pin the slander on the republican”?) “…Should this reach the city council with signatures I guaranty that we will take it to court.”

Nothing like using the judiciary to thwart the will of the people, eh Dave?

“There is no place for a racist attempt to supress voting in St. Paul.”

What there is no place for is smear tactics and lies. What’s RACIST here is to assume that a Photo I.D. requirement would suppress voting.  Perhaps Mr. Thune doesn’t believe non-whites have the ‘necessities’ to get an I.D. card.

If he is referring to money Mr. Thune is assuming all non-whites are poor, which would make him the racist.  I.D. supporters also support providing them free for those who can’t afford them.

“As many of us have asked – show us that a problem exists. Really! Post back an alleged instance in st. paul where fraud was comitted in an election.”

Don’t worry, we will…as if 17,000 voters who can’t be reconciled to the registration roles isn’t enough.   Voter fraud is as common as political cronyism. It’s ridiculous to claim it doesn’t exist or isn’t a problem. And to use Thune’s own rhetoric, and yep, I place this ridiculous denial squarely on the democrats and the ACORNs.

“Of all people, those who insist on minimal government intrusion on life are obvious hypocrites when they demand more government in the form of voter photoid’s. (the same folks who oppose filling out a census. But, as Dann Dobson recently said – “[ …when we went to war without reason; when there were no WMD; when a deregulated capitalistic financial system brought us a depression -you didn’t get angry… but when health care was made available to all, youwere furious.]” There is no logic – only anger – only hurt.”

There’s no logic in this ridiculous non-sequitur. Republicans, conservatives, libertarians, TEA Partiers, are not for anarchy, we are for limited government.  Therefore, there is no hypocrisy in expecting the government to perform its constitutionally mandated duty to protect freedom; and to stay out of the healthcare industry, the automobile industry, the banks, etc. (BTW: it wasn’t a deregulated free-market that caused the Depression, or the current recession; it was government intrusion and regulation which did that.  See Robert Higgs’ “How FDR Made the Depression Worse“) 

The right to vote is reserved for citizens, 18 years of age or older, with no felony convictions. If anyone other than a legal voter is allowed to cast a vote and have it counted, or if a person votes twice, or votes under the name of some other person, ALL legal voters have been disenfranchised.  It is the government’s duty to prevent that.

It is utterly pathetic that a person of Thune’s position would resort to the race-card, insult, vitriol and utter illogic to smear those of us who would like to think our vote matters and that it won’t be counteracted by an illegal vote. 

Some of us expect our representatives to represent us, not sit on their thrones and sling mud at anyone who doesn’t bow to the power-elite.

I wonder if Thune would be on the other side of the Photo I.D. issue if voter fraud ever cost him, or one of his cronies, an election. Talk about hypocrisy!

By Matt Marchetti (the views expressed in this post are those of the author, and do not necessarily represent the views of the Minnesota Voters Alliance or any other voter advocacy group)