You’ve Come A Long Way Baby

Our complaint against the League of Women Voters is not that the League is partisan, despite their claims of non-partisanship; It’s that they actively lobby for particular political issues – which may violate provisions of  IRC 501c.3.
We at the MNVA were at one time naive enough to think the League might help us in our efforts, since they claim to be in favor of protecting the rights of voters, yet we soon discovered how little their actions represent their stated goals.
They are for Instant Runoff voting – which diminishes the value of an individual vote. They are against voter I.D. which prevents vote fraud and preserves the value of a legally cast vote.
And unlike the MNVA, they take positions on non-vote-related issues. They are for Cap-and-Trade, and against off-shore oil drilling; They are for “reproductive choice” and against the 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms. They fall on the left side of practically every major issue and have actively participated in promoting: government-run health-care, the million mom march, the Brady campaign, motor-voter, etc. They support the United Nations, CAFE standards and the repeal of the Patriot Act.
In short, the League of Women Voters has long since left their original purpose of woman’s suffrage and voting rights issues, and has become just another left-wing lobbying group.
All of which is fine – IF they don’t get tax exempt status – which is the nature of our complaint.
We are labeled a “conservative” group. Yet, even though more conservatives agree with our positions on voting issues than do liberals, we do NOT lobby on partisan political issues.
Our focus is on protecting the integrity of the vote. We are non-partisan. We do not endorse candidates, nor do we lobby the legislature. We simply try to educate the public on integrity of the vote issues and sometimes, as citizens of this representative republic, we “petition the government for a redress of grievances” on behalf of ALL (legal) voters, not just women voters and not just “conservative” voters.
Our complaint may fall on deaf ears, but it also may at least help make the public aware of how far the League has swerved off the “non-partisan” public service pathway.

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