League of Women Voters – Betrayal of Public Trust?

The League of Women Voters promotes themselves as being nonpartisan and educational, when in fact, they are one of the nations largest lobbying groups.

On their own website, http://www.lwv.org, they have an 83 page position paper, or “impact statement”, outlining their lobbying positions.  The group also admits on their website that they are “wholeheartedly political”.   How can someone be nonpartisan and wholeheartedly political at the same time?      they can’t!

the Questions that MUST be asked to the LWV:

1.  Are you a lobbying group, and, are there members of your group who are registered lobbyists?  (the answer is yes)

2.   By saying you are nonpartisan, are you also suggesting that you are neutral, unbiased and don’t have a horse in the race?  (yes they are)

3.  As debate moderators, are you part of the 501c4 lobbying group or simply the education fund 501c3, or both?  (they are part of the lobbying group)

4.  Do you think the Voters should be made aware of who you really are, and what positions you take on the issues, at debates and in Voters Guides?   (yes they should, absolutely)

5.  Are the members of your group who make of the so-called Voters Guides, also part of the 501c4 lobbying group?  (yes there are)

We hope that people start asking the League these very important questions to start bringing some integrity back into our election process.   The LWV is being dishonest about who they really are.  They must NOT be allowed to continue as they have been, it is hurting our democracy.

Andy Cilek


2 Responses to League of Women Voters – Betrayal of Public Trust?

  1. Mike Downing says:

    Andy: Great questions as well as logical & rational responses to the questions!

  2. Gary McGath says:

    I’ve just posted an analysis of a rigged poll issued by the League of Women Voters:


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